Are Breast Implants Safe Now?

The choice to get breast implant surgery is incredibly personal. If you have ever thought about getting breast implants in Colombia, it is only natural to question their safety.

How safe are breast implant surgeries and are there any complications that may come with the procedure? Here is an honest run down of all you need to know.

Are Breast Implant Procedures Safe?

Yes, breast implant procedures are generally safe. Medical technology has advanced far enough that hundreds of women every year opt for this surgery and face no complications. 

However, the qualification and skill of the plastic surgeon also have a large impact on the success of your procedure. These days, you can easily connect with highly qualified and experienced professionals and cross-check their credentials personally before you book a consultation. 

At the same time, you will find plenty of resources online that help women learn all they need about this procedure.

Research The Benefits and Complications Well

While the breast implant procedure on its own is safe, there may be situations and circumstances that lead to complications. However, this is entirely subjective to the nature of your case, lifestyle, age, medical history, and the surgeon you work with. 

Breast surgery is, after all, a surgical procedure. It is impossible to completely mitigate all risks and complications.

Possible Complications That May Arise

Here are some of the most common complications that may arise from breast augmentation Colombia:

1. Implant Complications

The primary issue may be with the breast implant itself, which can lead to several issues. Breast pain, inflammation/irritation, an increase or decrease in feeling around the breast, redness, bruising, or even skin rashes around the breast. 

However, most of the issues are rare and some tend to occur only in the first few weeks following surgery. Many can also be resolved with proper care and a new implant can be inserted in its place.

2. Rupture and Deflation

A breast implant consists of a silicone shell filled with either saline or silicone gel fluid. Due to any reason, the breast implant may rupture over time. Excessive compression during a mammogram, overfilling/underfilling of the implant, physical pressure or trauma, or even normal implant aging can cause this. 

While a ruptured implant does not lead to any health complications, it will lose its original shape. Such implants will then have to be replaced.

3. Capsular Construction

Capsular contraction, also known as breast hardening, is a complication in which the scar tissue surrounding the implant and the breast starts to harden. Over time, the tissues of the breast can tighten, contract, and become more painful. As a result, the implant must either be replaced or removed.

4. Additional Surgeries

You should note that breast implant surgery is a long-term commitment. It rarely ends with one single procedure. Nearly all breast implants need to be replaced at some point, 10 to 20 years from now. The longer you have the implant, the likelier you are to run into complications and the more likely you will have additional surgery to correct the complication.

5. Breast Implant Associated Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL)

A very rare complication that may occur is a BIA-ALCL. This is a type of cancer of the immune system – not breast cancer – that usually affects the scar tissue and fluid around the implant. 

The risk of developing this cancer is incredibly low and it is often curable if diagnosed and treated early. There is also no way to test who is at risk of this disease. However, it has been linked to the use of textured breast implants.

Is Breast Implant Surgery Right For You?

You should carefully consider all possible complications associated with breast implant surgery before you make a choice. A qualified professional will also disclose all possible complications that may arise in your particular case. Generally, anyone leading a healthy lifestyle and good mental and physical health can opt for breast implant surgery. It is, however, not recommended if:

    • You are pregnant or plan to have children 
    • You are breastfeeding 
    • You have breast cancer
    • You are battling a chronic illness or infection
    • You have an abnormal mammogram

You should always be open and honest with your surgeon and hold realistic expectations from your surgery. This will lead to a more fulfilling, healthier surgery experience.

Get Your Breast Implants in Colombia

Getting your breast implants in Colombia is the best choice you can make. We have many qualified professionals here who will thoroughly guide you on the potential complications and risks involved. For best results, consult with Dr. Camilo Reyes’s clinic in Colombia. 

Dr. Camilo Reyes is a professional in breast implant surgery and has been offering services for over 13 years. You can schedule your consultation and discuss your unique case with Dr. Reyes to determine if breast implant surgery is right for you.

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