Professional Brow Lift In Colombia

Welcome to Dr. Camilo Reyes Clinic, where we offer you professional brow lift surgeries that will rejuvenate and renew your appearance. What is a brow lift? A brow lift is a cosmetic procedure that will help lift or raise your brows. It helps improve the overall appearance of your forehead, eyes, and brows.

Our brow lift Colombia procedure helps correct small irregularities in your brows, such as low, sagging skin or uneven eyebrows. These minor imperfections are natural, but they may look unflattering. If so, it’s best to consult with a qualified professional such as those working under Dr. Camilo Reyes!

Our initial consultation will help determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. For instance, some brow lifts work best with a blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) performed together. We take the time to discuss your unique case and find the right approach to get your desired results!

Plastic Surgery in Colombia

Welcome to Dr. Reyes’s professional clinic in Colombia, where we offer you premium body augmentation services. Let us help you regain the confidence you have always dreamed of!

The Brow Lift Procedure

The brow lift procedure will take place after administering general anesthesia. Once the patient is comfortable, the surgery will begin. A trained professional will make tiny incisions along your natural hairline, so there is minimal, discreet scarring after recovery. Tissues and muscles are then tightened and pulled up or repositioned, and excess skin and tissue may be removed altogether.


1 to 2 hours.



Recovery time

2 to 4 weeks.

Why Dr. Camilo Reyes?

Dr. Camilo Reyes is a natural when it comes to cosmetic surgeries in Colombia. With extensive field experience and having successfully handled hundreds of unique cases, you can trust him to deliver your desired results!

  • Dr. Camilo serves every patient with complete care and attention. We understand that each procedure is different; our approach is crafted according to your needs!
  • We house some of the latest medical technology that assists our surgical procedures in minimizing risks, boosting success rate, and offering seamless, smooth results.
  • Our clinic has Colombia’s leading healthcare professionals and anesthesiologists, well-versed in professional plastic surgery.
  • Our experience working with hundreds of clients, local and foreign, makes us well-equipped to handle any case.

Recovery And Results

1. The complete brow lift procedure may take around one to two hours to complete.

2. After surgery, your forehead will be wrapped with a bandage to minimize swelling and bruising.

3. During recovery, you should avoid putting pressure on your incisions or the area around them; always rest with your head elevated.

4. Most bandages are removed in one to three days, while the stitches may be removed after one week.

5. For the next several weeks, you may still notice slight swelling in the area. The incision lines will also fade away over time.

6. Avoid straightening, coloring, or perming your hair for at least a month after surgery.

Body Augmentation Surgery in Colombia

Why let the small imperfections of your body bite away at your self-confidence? Body augmentation surgery will allow you to find a new outlook on life!

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If you are looking for a qualified professional for your brow lift, Colombia may be the best choice! Dr. Camilo Reyes is a true professional in the field of cosmetic surgery. He has a particular skill that helps shape and sculpt facial muscle and tissue for a more youthful, natural appearance.

Our surgical procedures are renowned across Colombia and even overseas for their incredible results. We have the best technology and medical instruments that keep your procedure efficient, error–free and effective. Our patients spend a very short time in recovery before they are ready to return home.

Post-surgery, our professionals will continue to provide you with support and guidance for a quick recovery! Recovery can be a challenging time for some patients; our professionals will be available to help answer your questions and address any concerns that may be bothersome. If you are ready to take the first step, book your initial consultation with us today!

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